Man tired from running who is need of the ORS hydration tablet


The O.R.S hydration tablet has had mostly a huge effect on Elite athletes. Yorkshire has won back to back county championships since using O.R.S. hydration tablets.


Hydration tablets review

Here are some testimonies from some of the top clubs that use O.R.S Hydration tablets, who explain why hydration is so vital to performance in both amateur and elite professional sports.


Ian Fisher

Strength and Conditioning coach of Yorkshire Country Cricket Club

‘‘I think one of the most important aspects of hydration is replacement of electrolytes and O.R.S has got the right balance of electrolytes. It’s got small amount of carbohydrates that help absorption of these electrolytes, so that’s why I think it’s such a good product’ I work in hands-on in with guys day in and day out, sometimes in hot climates in long duration sports with high levels of sweat. These tablets really really work’’.


Andrew Gale

Captain of Yorkshire County Club

‘’Yeah, sometimes water on its own isn’t enough, so it’s important to get the good salts on-board so you want the same energy levels as from the first ball of the day to the last ball of the day. I just find drinking O.R.S. helps me to concentrate’’.


Hugh Brasher

Ridelondon, Race Director

‘I think a sports hydration tablet is really good for the cyclists because they want to take on-board electrolytes but they want to do it relatively quickly, they don’t want to have to mix the product, you can just stick the tabs in your bottle and carry on riding. Maintaining concentration levels, maintaining their hydration levels and maintaining the amount of electrolytes that they’ve got in their body is really really important for cyclists and O.R.S. tablets will enable our cyclists to quickly easily take on those really important minerals and electrolytes, carry on cycling and get the best out themselves on the day’’.

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Tim Streather


If you are a little bit off hydration, you lose strength, you lose speed, you’re in a greater risk of injury, the hydration vital in performing well week in and week out and O.R.S. helps all the boys out here at Saracens, immensely with that issue that we face every day.


Brad Barritt


‘The great thing about O.R.S is the real lack of sugar within their product. I think your sports drinks out there contain a lot of sugar and things that you don’t really need for performance. Being obviously very health conscious individuals, making sure that everything you put inside your body is what the body needs and its pivotal for performance’.


The answer to this is yes, you do need hydration tablets. The hydration tablets you should use are O.R.S hydration tablets. O.R.S. tablets have many advantages which include the following:


  • Great taste
  • Great for sport and exercise
  • Great for travel and hot climates
  • They have been used by amateur and professional sports persons, e.g. for hiking, cricket, rugby, football, swimming and athletics and cycling.
  • Low amount of sugar


So as proven above, especially in the first quote, you do need a hydration tablet especially if you are an active person because it provides a huge benefit towards hydration levels and the electrolytes in your body. O.R.S. is the best hydration tablet and the best ensuring you are hydrated. It has a great taste and a number of different flavours which also makes them enjoyable to take.


Some of the other achievements of the O.R.S. club include the following:


  • Tottenham Hotspur Football Club use O.R.S Hydration tablets and we are their official hydration partner for 2016-2017
  • R.S. hydration tablets are now being used by Division One team, Warwickshire County Cricket Club
  • Premier League side, Burnley FC use O.R.S Hydration Tablets
  • R.S. Hydration Tablets hydrate over 100,000 cyclists at world’s largest cycling festival, Prudential RideLondon
  • R.S. Hydration Tablets named as Official Sports Hydration Tablet to Prudential Pride London
  • Saracens won the Treble in the first season they used O.R.S Hydration Tablets and the European Cup in the second season
  • Yorkshire have won back to back county championships in the first 2 seasons using O.R.S Hydration Tablets
  • Leeds Rhinos won the Treble in the first season they used O.R.S Hydration Tablets
  • Ireland won back to back six nation championships in the first 2 seasons using O.R.S Hydration Tablets