Are Hydration Pills and Hydration Tablets the same?

There are only very subtle differences between hydration pills and hydration tablets. Both can contain the exact same ingredients, should the manufacturers choose to do so, so in short their function will perform in similar ways.


The definition of a pill is:

A small, round mass of solid medicine for swallowing whole

The definition of a tablet is:

A small disc or cylinder of a compressed solid substance, typically a measured amount of a medicine or drug.

Pills and tablets which perform a variety of tasks

By definition alone, pills and tablets are only different in composition; they serve the same purpose of transporting medicine to the body. If you have a hydration pill, or a hydration tablet, they will both aim to hydrate the body. It is safe to assume they will both be consumed orally, but different products suggest different methods of administration; always read the packaging of your hydration pill or tablet, and consult with a doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure before consuming a product.

When making both pills and tablets, the manufacturer requires an active ingredient. This is the medicine the manufacturers are supplying consumers with, in order to do what they claim to do. In O.R.S Hydration Tablets, the active ingredients are potassium, sodium and glucose, which are essential electrolytes and minerals needed to hydrate the body.

In their isolated state, the active ingredients in hydration pills and tablets would be impossible to pick up and consume effectively; they need a vessel in order to be properly transported into the body. The ingredients may taste and smell undesirable, so the vessel needs other ingredients to help mask the taste and smell, give the pill or tablet more mass so it can be picked up, and a binder to hold all of the ingredients together.

Hydration tablets are usually powder, which has been compressed into flat, circular shapes, whereas hydration pills are capsules, which has been filled with powder, and then closed together. However pills can come in a pressed, solid form and do not always look the same. In conclusion, hydration pills and tablets are not the same things, and not one product will look identical to one another, depending on apparatus available to the manufacturers.

O.R.S Hydration Tablets aim to be easy to consume. They are particularly easy to consume, for the active ingredients are easily dissolved in water, and then drunk. The fact that they are water soluble makes them ideal for those who experience throat pain, and find consuming pills difficult. O.R.S Hydration Tablets are osmotically similar to your blood, which means a solution will stay in your bloodstream for longer. 

O.R.S Hydration Tablets which hydrate you very well after put in water