Bury FC incorporate O.R.S Hydration Tablets in nutritional guidelines

O.R.S are pleased to be working with newly promoted Division 1 side, Bury FC. The team will have access to O.R.S Hydration Tablets during both training sessions as well as on match days. The response from the players has been really positive and since starting to use the tablets at the beginning of September, the team have won all 6 of their games and have moved to 4th in the league.

Maintaining hydration levels during a football match is an essential part of a player’s nutritional guidelines, as a 2-3% reduction in body mass via water loss can result in a higher incidence of injuries and cramp. These tablets are used by professional athletes around the world due to the scientifically balanced formulation combined with its great taste. O.R.S is designed to meet the hydration demands of performance and is an excellent aid to deal with the demands of physical exercise. We wish Bury FC all the best for this season!

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