Yorkshire extend partnership

Yorkshire County Cricket Club have extended their partnership with Clinova for the 2014-2015 cricket season. Clinova is the ‘Offical Hydration Tablets Supplier of Yorkshire County Cricket Club. Yorkshire is the most successful team in English cricketing history with 31 County Championship titles and is one of the world’s most iconic cricket clubs. Current players include the England internationals Joe Root, Tim Bresnon and Jonny Bairstow. O.R.S is used by professional athletes around the world due to the scientifically balanced formulation combined with its great taste. O.R.S is designed to meet the hydration demands of performance and is an excellent aid to deal with the demands of physical exercise. Cricketers are particularly susceptible to dehydration because the cricket season coincides with the hot summer months, each match lasts longer than other sports and cricketers have to wear extra protective equipment such as helmet and pads.

Morrisons list Strawberry flavour O.R.S tablets

O.R.S Strawberry flavour tablets have been listed by Morrisons. Morrisons is one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains. Clinova’s O.R.S soluble tablets are one of the worlds first tablet forms of the standard oral rehydration salts formula. The tablets contain a combination of glucose, salts and electrolyte’s and to help to replenish the body of water and salts that have been deleted due to dehydration. O.R.S soluble tablets are designed for a variety of users including people who lose excess fluid, professional and recreational athletes, visitors to hot/tropical countries and people who are dehydrated due to alcohol consumption.